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No, One book per family will suffice as it is a source book and not a workbook. Each child will need an A4-sized hardcover notebook for written work, illustrations and maps and this may be purchased at any stationer.

Meandering Mzansi is aimed at ages 9 to 14.

Home school families generally work at each child’s own pace and for that reason Meandering Mzansi is not aimed at any particular grade or range of grades. Instead it is generally aimed at ages 9 to 14.

I wrote this curriculum for my son and because I wanted him to gain a solid knowledge of South Africa, its geography and its people, I included a broad spectrum of information and looked at the various aspects of our country in great depth. Does this mean that the book is CAPS compliant? This is not my goal. What I do know is that Meandering Mzansi covers just about everything concerning the people, icons and places of South Africa!

Although I have had many requests for Meandering Mzansi to be translated into Afrikaans, I have decided for the time being not to do so. Although I am bilingual, Afrikaans is not my home language and I do want this beautiful curriculum to fall victim to what would be a translated language idiom. Afrikaans is a rich and beautiful language and should not be “lost in translation”!  I have also had several offers from well-meaning people to translate the book for me but right now, I am going to stick to the English version.

Journaling South Africa accompanies Meandering Mzansi but it may also be used independently as a fun way to journal your study of South African Geography. A copy of Meandering Mzansi is not essential but it will make your research so much easier!

Yes, since it is a workbook in which written and creative work is done, each child in your family will need a copy.

If you decide to take it slowly, you could take 18 months to complete Journaling South Africa as you meander through Mzansi! The order of the workbook mostly follows the order of Meandering Mzansi.

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