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Grietjie Thorne

I had the privilege to preview this curriculum and was so impressed, that I have put my own children’s geography lessons on hold in anticipation of its release. First of all, it is visually stunning, with beautiful, full-colour photos, maps and diagrams on every single page. But more than being very pleasant to look at, it is a treasure trove of information on South African geography! Ursula truly covered every aspect of our country that should be included in a comprehensive geography curriculum, but because her style is informal and conversational, children and parents will not at all experience it as ‘text bookish.’ It will be a source book that you will return to even after having completed the curriculum, and I am convinced that this book will become the definitive guide for teaching SA geography to primary school aged children in homes all around our beautiful Mzansi!

Annalize Breytenbach

Amazing amount of hard work went into this proudly South African 🇿🇦 project. Learn about our beautiful country’s history, fauna and flora, economy, heritage sites and more.

Donnia Krotz

Dear Ursula, I picked up our MM curriculum a few days ago. I am so happy with it and wanted to commend you for the hard work and dedication that went into it. Thank you for making your labour of love available to the rest of the homeschool community and enabling us to bless our kids with it.

Lientjie de Jongh

I have had the opportunity to review Meandering Msanzi and to use it as a South African Geography curriculum with my children. This book with the fresh and modern look, is a one-stop-shop for primary school-aged children’s geography studies. What I like most about it is how thorough it is – a vast array of subjects are covered, which include (but is not limited to): wind direction and the compass, the physique of the land, biomes, climate, local winds, contour lines, our economy, local people groups and our provinces. All explained in an informal, conversational tone. Many maps are included, as well as colourful photos and illustrations. Suggestions for original hands-on crafts and research activities are plentiful and allow the children to own their knowledge. The struggle of assembling a South African geography curriculum was taken out of my hands and geography becomes a pleasure while enjoying a stay-at-home overland odyssey.

Denise Schutte

Just wanted to say thank you! Received our parcel yesterday and we are over the moon! What a beautiful book! Really looking forward to starting! You can be super proud of your work Ursula! Very well done. We are so impressed!

Stephane Burger

Paging through the newest kid on the block in terms of South African Homeschool Curriculum, we are getting more excited about our South African Geography studies than ever before! Meandering Mzansi will take all your guesswork and research away, and leave you with the advantage of time! One, thick colourful and complete source is all you need to teach your Elementary learners all there is to know about South African physical and human geography. Spice up your journey as you travel through our beautiful country through the pages of this wonderful resource with added maps, stickers and maps to colour! It is easy to follow, being written in a conversational tone it will speak directly to your child, not like the dry everyday textbooks rambling of lists of facts and figures. Definitely a great and must-have resource for any South African Homeschool Family!

Corina Oberholzer

Couldn’t wait until next year, so my son started today with Meandering Mzanzi. Wow! So well planned and written. Colourful and interesting. Thank you so much. And congratulations on such a high standard product.

Linnie Lues

Meandering Mzansi is the South Africa Geography curriculum I was searching for since the year 2000 when I started homeschooling! My older children will stop and listen when they walk past me while I am teaching my four younger boys from Meandering Mzansi! I see the lights go on and they get excited! I am so thankful for Meandering Mzansi! Only yesterday the boys and I were driving from Somerset to Caledon. As we approached the mountains and Sir Lowry’s Pass, we started talking about the Coastal Plain, the Great Escarpment and even threw in contour lines. It was so well explained in the curriculum that it came alive as we drove and gave us an exciting, interactive, learning experience. These are the learning experiences that make memories! This curriculum is informative, brilliantly put together, interactive and fun! Thank you Ursula!

Laura Markus

We would definitely recommend this curriculum. Beautifully presented and well thought out. Everything you need all in one amazing product. A fantastic trip around South Africa.

Melanie Blignaut

Meandering Mzansi is a comprehensive South African geography curriculum that covers everything from SA’s physique, to climate, to our economy, to local people groups and neighbouring countries – and more. It is well-researched and beautifully packaged, and I cannot wait to dive into it with my children next year.

Shay Theunissen

I am so so in love with Meandering Mzansi, not only is the quality amazing (love, love, love the spiral binding) but the adventure in these pages is exactly what I have been looking for! Thank you, thank you, thank you for being brave and sharing this all with us Ursula!

Sylvie Eksteen

My husband usually just gives curriculum a cursory glance, but when Meandering Mzansi arrived he sat for over an hour paging through the book. He kept on reminiscing about learning these things as a child and made many comments on how this is what he wants our children to learn. He even learned a few new things himself just paging through and was clearly impressed by the content and presentation. Ursula, you are a blessing to our home! We are looking forward to diving in and exploring our beautiful Mzansi. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

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