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Discover the story of South Africa’s natural wealth in Meandering Mzansi’s 368 A4-sized pages, which are a riot of full colour maps, pictures and in depth information.

About Meandering Mzansi

This curriculum has grown out of a need for a truly local geographical feast for South African children and I have attempted to present it in a natural, simple and engaging manner.

The curriculum spans a 49 week period but I encourage you to enjoy it at your own pace, especially if you invite your younger children to the feast. I have aimed this book at a wide range of ages, but it is typically suited to children aged nine to fourteen.

Meandering Mzansi functions as a comprehensive curriculum guide and source book but, having said that, please do not expect to see typical “end-of-chapter” questions contained within its pages. Some chapters include a few craft suggestions but these are by no means crucial to the understanding, assimilation or consolidation of the material. I am, however, a firm believer in narration and I urge you to gently encourage your children to tell you what they have heard you read to them.

There are five instructional icons throughout Meandering Mzansi and the key below is self-explanatory:

Getting the most out of Meandering Mzansi

Throughout Meandering Mzansi I refer to a boxed set of nine reference books, three atlases and one reader. I do not sell these books, but they are available from most of our major booksellers, namely Bargain Books, Eduwiz, Loot, Map Studio, Raru and Takealot.

Although these books are recommended and are nice to have, they do not offer any extra information pertaining to the curriculum since Meandering Mzansi is a complete source book.

Boxed set of nine reference books

Title: Exploring Our Provinces South Africa
(Afrikaans: Ontdek Ons Provinsies Suid-Afrika)
Author: Mike Cadman
Publisher: Jacana
ISBN: 9781770093485


Title: My First South Africa Atlas
Author: Sean Fraser
Publisher: Map Studio
ISBN: 9781770268708


Title: My First Atlas
(Afrikaans: My Eerste Atlas)
Author: Wendy Maartens
Publisher: Lapa
ISBN: 9780799362398


Title: Ready to Read: Living in South Africa
Author: Chloe Perkins
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
ISBN: 978148147926


Title: South African Thematic Atlas for Gr 10-12
(Afrikaans: Suid-Afrikaanse Tematiese Atlas vir Gr 10-12)
Author: A panel of writers
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780190402051

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